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This soap helps various scalp irritations, dandruff and hair loss, inflammation, allergies, joint pain and bruises. In addition, Kaghchin has a wonderful cosmetic effect on the face and neck. It cleans pores and can be used as a scrub. Clay also has colloidal properties that eliminate toxins and harmful substances from your body.

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Kaghchin is an old Armenian word for clay. Clay’s rich content of minerals and micro elements have made it into a vital ingredient in many of Armenian traditional wellness recipes. This particular soap type contains green clay.

There are many varieties of clay with different colors depending on the chemical composition of the soil. For instance, the most common clays are green, white, gray, yellow, red, blue, black, and pink.

Typically green clay is recommended for external use, while Bentonite clay can be used for heavy metal detoxification as it absorbs heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic, lead, and tin. Red clay proves to be a very efficient facial purifying mask, granted your skin type. Mix clay with herbs, fruit or vegetable juice, extracts or olive oil to improve the performance and the action of clay.

White clay is good for hair and oily skin. It also eliminates dandruff.

Yellow clay is rich with iron and potassium. It nourishes the skin with oxygen, has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Yellow clay has been used to alleviate joint diseases, headaches, osteochondrosis,  migraines, and various skin conditions. It is also used for cleansing and detoxifying purposes.

Red clay is very good for acne, applied with lemon juice, it transforms into an ideal mask for face and neck.


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    It is incredible how much work and effort goes into each piece of Nelly’s soaps. Every piece is made from scratch by hand. I bought this soap a while back and I still haven’t used it. Its beautifully cut and hand carved and I keep it more as a souvenir. Nelly herself shared with me the history behind this recipe while I was visiting her work space, and its quite extraordinary. I see it as more than soap but a piece of art that holds elements of Armenian history and tradition. I’ll share more with you if I ever get myself to use it.

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