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Anti Hair Loss & Seborrhea Soap

This anti hair loss and seborrhea soap is specifically crafted for sensitive scalp, contains essential oils and 22 + herbs that will nourish and strengthen your hair.

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Verde anti hair loss and seborrhea soap has been specifically crafted for sensitive scalp. It contains essential oils and 22 + herbs that nourish and strengthen hair roots.

Its vegetable base and selection of herbs stop hair loss, prevent dandruff, help alleviate seborrhea and other scalp irritations while keeping the scalp moisturized.

Apply to wet hair and leave for a three minutes before washing.

The soap comes with its own soap dish made from the same ingredients. The soap dish comes with its own bag. The soap dish can also be used on the body as a natural scrub. It’s an excellent source for removing dryness and pigmentations around the elbows.

We recommend placing the soap dish in the bag and using it in the bag to prevent scratches on the body while showering.

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