Nelly Avetisyan

The Founder Of Verde Pharm

“Verde Pharm” was founded by Nelli Avetisyan, a pharmacist who also teaches at the School Of Pharmacy at the Yerevan State University. Nelly Avetisyan received  “The Best Woman Innovator, Entrepreneur” award from the Prime Minister of the Armenian Republic in 2013.

Nelly Avetisyan uses her knowledge as a pharmacist and practitioner of traditional, Armenian, holistic living to shape her natural soap and body care line “Verde Pharm.” The result of this effort is a series of all-organic, all-natural soap products made from some of the most unexpected ingredients.

“Verde” uses only 100% pure, natural ingredients. Our utmost goal is to recover the traditions of the past, and to gradually grow and source only local, ecologically-clean ingredients. By doing so, we also strive to create local and sustainable jobs in rural Armenia.